Verified Vulnerability Management

Go beyond automated scanning with our expert penetration testing team to uncover more complex security issues throughout the year.

What is Verified Vulnerability Management?

Make continuous penetration testing a reality, by combining automated vulnerability scanning, manual reviews by penetration testers, and freeform bug hunting.

vulnerability scanning

Run over 10,000 automated security checks and scan your systems  for the latest vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge.

Manual reviews by
penetration testers

Get your scan results investigated by our certified penetration testers, who will understand your business context and highlight serious weaknesses, not detectable by machines.

Freeform bug

Opt-in for a set number of freeform bug hunting days, to uncover the most serious flaws that can appear between penetration tests.
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Key benefits of the Verified service

Reveal serious weaknesses

Find dangerous vulnerabilities that are not detectable by automated scanners, such as publicly accessible file-shares that contain sensitive company information.

Uncover dangerous attack-paths

Sometimes mild security issues, if combined, can have a far more severe impact. We detect these insidious flaws, keeping your infrastructure secure.

Eliminate false positives

We investigate your scan results to confirm that the findings are valid, saving precious time for your security team.

Learn the real impact of discovered vulnerabilities

Automated solutions can never fully replace the human eye. Our security experts will adjust the severity rating of reported vulnerabilities, to reflect the real threat.
Find out more about the Verified Service from our customer success stories

Client Case Studies - Intruder Verified Service

These success stories demonstrate our service in action. Learn how the Verified service allows Intruder’s customers to identify threats beyond the capabilities of fully automated security scanning solutions to achieve continuous security protection of their systems.

Why choose Intruder as your partner

Our consultants are certified by leading security bodies, and have worked for both professional services firms as well as specialist technical consultancies. This background has afforded us market-leading technical expertise combined with thorough professionalism. Our consultants have delivered work for government agencies, international financial institutions, and global retail giants.

Technical excellence is at the core of everything we do. For this reason, our testing specialists are accredited with professional qualifications from CREST or equivalent leading bodies.
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