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Drive revenue growth by joining our partner program and let’s make vulnerability management easier for everyone.

What is the Intruder Partner Program?

Help your customers keep on top of emerging threats and reduce risk with a vulnerability management solution fit for banks and governments but available to all.

Differentiation and revenue generation
Customer engagement and value-add
Hands on support
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What our partners say

Drata is a proud partner with Intruder as a tool of choice helping hundreds of companies automate their continuous SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance
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Benefits for you and your customers

Your Benefits

  • Easy to use, out of the box vulnerability management solution for your customers
  • New capability to support customers in enhancing their vulnerability approach
  • New recurring revenue stream
  • Richer customer relationships for retention and upselling
  • Potential joint marketing opportunities

Customer Benefits

  • Rapid emerging threat scanning
  • Ongoing attack surface monitoring
  • Monitoring of risk across your stack
  • Effortless compliance and reporting

Enhance profitability, growth and service differentiation

Differentiate your business and service offering with a modern vulnerability management solution that automatically analyses your customers’ scan results, saving them hours of work.

Transform your customers’ vulnerability management approach

Provide your customers with an effortless vulnerability management experience and lower risk from the moment they run their first scan. Engage new customers, grow existing business, and develop your position as a trusted advisor.

Gain access to cybersecurity advice instantly

Our approach to customer support leverages modern technology and always puts the end-user first. Our responsive support team is on hand to help where possible.

Join us to make vulnerability management easy for everyone


Does Intruder offer white labeling?

No, we can remove our branding from reports, but we don’t allow white labeling of the portal or reports.

What happens after I submit an inquiry to become a partner?

After submitting your application by filling out our request form, you'll receive a call from our team for due diligence. Once these approvals are complete, you will be onboarded as an Intruder Partner.

How does each engagement work?

We will confirm the commercials in a quote, showing the relevant discount per engagement and ask you to sign the document electronically. Once signed, this is the formal agreement. For referrals, we will confirm via email the amount paid by the customer and tell you how much you need to invoice us.

Once I become a partner, what should I do next?

After your partnership has been activated, you will be placed on an onboarding journey to help you get started.

How do we register a deal?

We are implementing a deal registration landing page, but in the meantime, you should email your Partner Sales Manager with the customer's name, contact details, and deal information, so that we can tag them as your prospect. Deal registration is valid for three months. Deal registrations need to be renewed after three months if they are still valid.

What additional support do we receive?

Our support team is available via the live chat function in the app or our website. We also set you up with marketing materials, and are always open to discussing how we can work together on joint marketing activities.

Where can I stay informed about the Intruder Partner Program?

Our social channels post the most up-to-date news and happenings around the Intruder Partner Program. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.