Acunetix is a great security tool trusted by a wide variety of organizations. That doesn't mean it's perfect for everyone though, if you are looking for a comprehensive end-to-end solution, Intruder could be a perfect tool for you!

Intruder is the best quality Acunetix alternative that's easy to use and perfect for developers, IT managers or time constrained security teams.

Here's what G2's verified reviewers think

G2 provides side-by-side comparisons of software tools based on verified user reviews. According to reviewers…

Intruder is easier to use, set up, and administer than Acunetix.
Intruder meets the needs of their business better than Acunetix.
When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Intruder is the preferred option.
For feature updates and roadmaps, reviewers preferred the direction of Intruder over Acunetix.
Reviewers also preferred doing business with Intruder overall. Read more on G2.

Commercial vs Open Source

Acunetix was primarily built as a web application security scanner, and had network infrastructure scans bolted on later. It uses the popular open source vulnerability scanning project OpenVAS as its scanning engine.

While OpenVAS has good coverage for a wide variety of security issues, it does not have the same breadth as Intruder’s underlying commercial scanning engine - used by banks and governments worldwide.

One key difference between open source and commercial is that the OpenVAS project relies on volunteers to add new security checks. This can mean that when it really matters, such as when new zero days are being released, the OpenVAS project isn’t updated until much later than commercial software. Leaving your infrastructure at risk.

Intruder vs Acunetix Pricing

As it was designed primarily around web applications, Acunetix's pricing can be an expensive choice for those with large network ranges. Intruder is designed to cover large network ranges as standard, and even has features designed to save you money across those ranges.

With Intruder’s Smart Recon, you only pay for systems we detect are active. Smart Recon actively monitors your entire network range, looking for open ports and services. We only charge for systems we discover as active, meaning you can feel comfortable your entire range is being scanned, without it costing the earth.

Get intelligent, prioritized results

Unlike traditional vulnerability scanners like the OpenVAS project Acunetix uses, Intruder interprets the results it gets back from the scanning engine based on context. This helps you prioritize the actionable security issues which will have a real impact.

No more missing important issues buried in the noise of scanner results.

Accessible Cyber Security

Acunetix is a good solution for security experts, but not every company can afford a security team. Intruder provides a simple and clean interface that helps you quickly identify weaknesses and track results from your vulnerability scans. Configuring scans and getting them running is as simple as a single click, and issues are automatically tracked over time.

Security can no longer sit solely with cyber security teams. Many organizations don't have the resources to hire security experts, and those that do can't hope to keep track of all their developers' activity 24/7.

All Intruder's issues are clearly explained, making it usable and accessible for non-security experts, and cloud integrations allow monitoring development environments better than ever before.

Make Vulnerability Management a Breeze

As a SaaS product, Intruder’s vulnerability scanner works seamlessly with your technical environment. There’s no need for lengthy installations or complex configuration, and comes with a range of integrations to make vulnerability management a breeze:

• Cloud integrations:
Automatically manage your AWS, Azure and Google Cloud targets with ease, from within the Intruder platform.
• Slack: Keep an eye on your security exposure in real-time with Intruder’s Slack integration.
• Jira: Send security issues to Jira, for easy tracking of your security issues.
• Microsoft Teams: Get notified about important events in the Intruder platform, such as when a scan completes or when we check you for the latest emerging threats.
• Zapier: Extend Intruder to 2,000+ other apps and move your info between web services automatically.
• REST API: Full automation of your vulnerability management process is possible with Intruder’s REST API, so you can integrate Intruder with your development and deployment cycles seamlessly.

Acunetix vs Netsparker

Acunetix and Netsparker are web application security products owned by Invicti. When comparing Acunetix vs Netsparker, Netsparker is considered to have a steeper learning curve, and more suited to enterprises.

Compared to Intruder, G2's verified reviewers consider Intruder easier to use, setup, and prefer the quality of Intruder's support. You can learn more about this on G2.

What our customers say

"I have used multiple vulnerability scanning tools in the past. Most of them were single-purpose and had a lot of extraneous output that took a long time to configure to get what we needed. With Intruder, I got relevant, actionable results the very first time I scanned, and it's a one-stop shop. I don't have to set up a patchwork of different tools to get good coverage on vulnerability scanning." Read full review

Zach, Co-founder and CTO at Yembo.

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