Intruder: The Alternative to Acunetix

If you need to find and fix vulnerabilities across your internal systems, web apps, and APIs, Intruder is a great alternative to the web app scanning you get from Acunetix.

Complete vulnerability management

Acunetix is a web application security testing tool that audits your web applications by checking for vulnerabilities with a blend of DAST and IAST scanning. It also integrates with the development process and can help with compliance.

Intruder, powered by OpenVas, Tenable, ZAP and Nuclei, finds vulnerabilities in your internal systems, external network, web apps, APIs, prioritizing issues by severity. It also integrates with your development process, automates compliance reporting, and provides you with detailed analytics to track your progress over time.

Best Acunetix Alternative | Intruder
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Automated compliance

Connect with your compliance partner to automatically send scan evidence.

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Find your vulnerabilities

Scan your infrastructure, web apps and APIs all in one platform, minimizing your exposure.

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Reduce your attack surface

Continuous network scanning monitors your perimeter for changes giving you 24/7 visibility.

How Intruder compares to Acunetix

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The simplest setup
Highly-rated on G2 for ease of setup, use, and admin.
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Comprehensive vulnerability management
Find and fix vulnerabilities across your entire network.
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Superior customer support
For customer support, Intruder is a better alternative to Acunetix.
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Advanced analytics & reporting
Track your security posture over time.
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Automated compliance
Integrate with Drata & Vanta to automate compliance.
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Organisation-wide integrations
Connect your entire team with our list of integrations.

Super simple setup

Intruder is easy to set up, use and maintain. Of course we’d say that, but what about our customers? On G2, we’re rated 9.6/10 on ease of setup, ease of use, and ease of admin. Acunetix scores below 9 in all those categories. See how easy intruder is with a 14-day free trial.

web app security

Comprehensive vulnerability management

Acunetix does web application scanning really well by using a blended approach to DAST and IAST.

You can also scan web apps and APIs with Intruder, but it doesn’t stop there. You can scan your entire infrastructure for vulnerabilities, prioritize the findings, and manage your remediation efforts all from one clean, intuitive interface.

Vastly higher rated customer support

We are rated 9.8/10 on quality of customer support on G2. Acunetix are rated 7.8/10. Customers love us. Curious to find out why?

Analytics and reporting

Acunetix provides vulnerability prioritization and remediation advice, along with the ability to generate reports for compliance.

Intruder does all this and more. Our analytics tab gives you total visibility over how your security posture changes over time, showing you what’s exposed to the internet and what shouldn't be, your cyber hygiene score, and the vulnerabilities we’ve found and fixed.

Automated compliance

Acuentix generates reports that can be used to prove compliance, which is great.

With Intruder, you can generate audit reports to share with auditors, customers and other stakeholders with the click of a button. With our compliance integrations, you can have your scan evidence sent automatically to your compliance tools.

Integration solutions in Intruder

Integrate with your favorite tools

Acunetix integrates their web app scanning capabilities with the DevOps process very well, syncing with issue trackers, WAFs, and the CI process.

Intruder provides various DevOps integrations but also connects to Slack and Teams for notifications, cloud connections with Azure, GCP, and AWS, and integrates with compliance partners Drata and Vanta.

Connect with the entire organization, not just development teams.

Rated 4.9/5 on G2
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What checks does Intruder perform?
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Intruder checks your systems for 75+ web-layer security problems (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), 140,000+ infrastructure weaknesses (such as remote code execution flaws), and other security misconfigurations (such as weak encryption configurations, and systems which are unnecessarily exposed). Learn more about what checks we run.

How do emerging threat scans work?
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Intruder’s emerging threat scans check your systems for newly discovered vulnerabilities automatically. This kind of proactive action is essential for businesses that don’t have processes in place to research the latest threats and manually run scans for them. Learn more.

How does Intruder’s bug hunting service work?
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Our team of experienced penetration testers will seek to identify serious weaknesses in your external targets that are undetectable by scanners. Bug hunting is a bolt-on service available to Premium and Vanguard users and is sold and booked by the day. Click here to learn more.

What scanning engine does Intruder use?
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Intruder is powered by industry-leading scanners, including Tenable, Nuclei, OpenVas, and ZAP. Learn more.

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