Web Application Penetration Testing Service

Gain continuous insight into the security of your web applications with automated and manual penetration testing. Intruder helps you focus and fix the issues that matter most.

What is web application penetration testing?

Web application penetration testing involves assessing the defenses of a web app by simulating attacks that a hacker might carry out. A penetration tester will safely test how a web application behaves under different circumstances and identify any security flaws.

We believe that both automated scanning and manual web application penetration testing are essential to maintaining a strong security posture. So, whether you’re looking to gain automated insight into your application’s security or get human experts to dig deeper and uncover more sophisticated vulnerabilities, we have a service for you.

Automated web application security testing

Secure your web applications (single and multi-page apps) and underlying infrastructure from anonymous and authenticated perspectives. Intruder’s dynamic application security testing (DAST) scanner checks for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and more.

automated scanning

Continuous web application penetration testing service

Intruder's continuous penetration testing service assesses your web apps for critical vulnerabilities that aren’t detectable by automated scanners. Our penetration testers prioritize high-impact issues, from simple misconfigurations that could expose your data to complex attack chains that could give hackers control of your systems.

Manual web application penetration testing service

Comply with security regulations and gain exhaustive insight into your security posture at a single point in time with our manual web application penetration testing service, delivered to the industry’s highest standard of excellence.

Always on. Always Audit ready.

Close the door on hackers

Your network is always changing. It's difficult to stay on top of what's exposed to the internet, and, more importantly, what shouldn't be.

Intruder monitors your perimeter 24/7, giving you continuous visibility while also scanning newly found services for vulnerabilities automatically. Take control of your attack surface today.

Web application penetration testing: beginner's guide

Whether you’re trying to comply with regulations like ISO 27001, build trust with customers and suppliers, or just want to be sure your IT infrastructure is secure, web app penetration testing is a proven method to strengthen your cyber security posture and prevent data breaches.

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Can I scan single page applications (SPAs) with Intruder?
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Yes, you can! Learn all about how to scan SPAs with Intruder here.

What’s the difference between your continuous penetration testing service and manual penetration testing?
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  • Our continuous penetration testing service is not as structured as a standard penetration test and is delivered in a similar style to a Bug Bounty, but run by our expert inhouse Security team
  • It’s widely scoped and typically includes all the systems in your account, including production systems (of course we take extra care to minimize any risk of testing production systems)
  • It’s not an exhaustive test of every system in scope, and is usually focused on a particular area, such as a recently changed API.
  • We only report High or Critical impact weaknesses so it's more time-efficient than a pentest
Should I perform web application penetration testing or vulnerability scanning?
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The two services complement each other, so ideally you should do both for optimal web application security. It’s important to point out though that penetration testers typically perform web app vulnerability scanning as part of their assessments, so if you’re just getting started and want to gain an overview of the state of your security, you will benefit from running a vulnerability scan first.

How does your manual penetration testing service work?
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Our manual web application penetration testing service is available to existing customers only (Essential, Pro, Premium, and Vanguard customers). For more information, head here.

What is Intruder’s Rapid Response?
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Intruder’s Rapid Response is manually carried out by our security team to check for the latest critical weaknesses hitting the news, including some that our scanners don't have checks for yet or ones that are better detected by a person.

When a threat is identified, we'll scan your systems and notify you if we suspect that any could be affected. We will also send you an advisory with further details and recommendations.

How does Intruder’s continuous penetration testing service work?
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Our team of experienced penetration testers will seek to identify serious weaknesses in your external targets, such as SQL injection vulnerabilities that cannot be detected by an automated scanner. Continuous penetration testing is a bolt-on service available to Premium users and is sold and booked by the day. Click here to learn more.

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