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The complexity of software development means web application vulnerabilities are one of the most popular attack vectors. Intruder helps developers build secure products by integrating into their existing environment, and continuously catching vulnerabilities as they’re being introduced.

Streamline your web application security
Find risk across your stack
Perform authenticated checks
Effortlessly meet compliance requirements

A scanner to find all of the latest vulnerabilities

In addition to 140,000+ infrastructure checks, Intruder’s dynamic application security testing (DAST) scanner performs web application checks including…
OWASP Top 10
SQL Injection
Remote Code Execution
OS Command Injection

Carry out authenticated web app scans

Perform thorough reviews of your modern web applications and websites, including single page applications (SPAs), to identify dangerous bugs which could have a severe business impact if not resolved.

Make your web application security easy

Intruder comes with multiple integrations that speed up issue detection & remediation processes. Use our API to add Intruder into your CI/CD pipeline and optimize your security workflow. What’s more, Intruder will perform emerging threat scans when new issues arise, making vulnerability management as smooth as it can be.

Gain complete visibility into your systems

Secure software is built on secure infrastructure. In addition to web app checks, Intruder performs reviews across your publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, and endpoint devices to keep you fully protected.

Breeze through security questionnaires

Comfortably pass security compliance certifications and standards, such as ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2 and Cyber Essentials. Intruder's authenticated web application scanning helps demonstrate that you have a thorough process in place to find, fix and manage vulnerabilities.

Extend your team with our security experts

Want to go beyond automated scanning? Our continuous penetration testing service is powered by a team of leading security experts, who will keep a constant eye on your systems, and will identify more complex issues that are not detectable by scanners.

Need to scan APIs as well?

Use Intruder's API vulnerability scanner to find and fix weaknesses. Automated to help save you time, easily integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline and DevOps process to embed security while you build.

Learn more about our API vulnerability scanner.

Web App Vulnerability Management

What our customers say

I have used multiple vulnerability scanning tools, most of which were single-purpose and took a long time to configure. With Intruder, I got relevant, actionable results the first time I scanned and I don't have to set up a patchwork of different tools to get good coverage.


What is a web application scanner?

Web application vulnerability scanners are a specialized type of vulnerability scanner which focus on finding weaknesses in web applications and websites. Traditionally, they work by ‘crawling’ through a site or application in a similar way as a search engine would, sending a range of probes to each page or form it finds to look for weaknesses.

How often should I run vulnerability scans?

We recommend conducting vulnerability scans at least monthly; however, your optimum scanning frequency will largely depend on the type of organization you’re tasked with securing, or the type of systems that you wish to scan. To get a better understanding of how frequently you should run your vulnerability scans, read our helpful guide.

Should I perform web application vulnerability scanning or penetration testing?

The two services complement each other, so ideally you should do both for optimal web application security. An experienced penetration tester can find issues that are not detectable by machines, for example, by chaining several minor weaknesses together to discover a hidden critical vulnerability. On the other hand, vulnerability scanners can help you automate your security checks and provide continuous protection in the periods between manual in-depth tests.  

It’s important to point out though that penetration testers typically perform vulnerability scanning as part of their assessments, so if you’re just getting started and want to gain an overview of the state of your security, you will benefit from running a vulnerability scan first.  

Do you offer web application penetration testing services?

Yes, we do! At Intruder we have a team of certified expert security professionals who are skilled in many types of penetration testing services, including web application testing. Visit our penetration testing page to find out more.

Why is authenticated web application scanning important?

Authenticated web application scanning allows you to find vulnerabilities which exist behind the login pages of your applications. Each web application is different, but some of the most critical functionality in an application exists behind a login page, such as the ability to add data to your account, edit data, delete data, upload files, interact with other users. As a result, a large percentage of the attack surface of an application can exist behind a login page.

What is AppSec?

AppSec is short for application security. It refers to the ongoing process of finding, fixing, and preventing security vulnerabilities in applications, such as carrying out continuous vulnerability scanning.

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