Intruder: The Qualys alternative

Qualys has an undeniably vast range of features, which can be overwhelming.
Intruder ticks all the vulnerability management boxes in one simple, intuitive platform.

Vulnerability management, simplified.

Qualys is a comprehensive security product, with an eye-watering feature set, perfect for large enterprises with equally large budgets.

Intruder is a clean, intuitive platform that lets you start scanning in minutes. It helps you track your attack surface, showing you where and how you may be vulnerable, and filters out the noise so you can fix the problems that matter most.

Best Qualys Alternative | Intruder
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Compliance, simplified.

Be compliant without the complexity. Audit ready reports for auditors,
third-parties and customers.

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Vulnerability management

Automate scanning, integrate with existing tools, and get prioritized, actionable insights.

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Reduce your attack surface

Intruder continuously scans your network, kicking off vulnerability scans when it sees a change, an unintentionally exposed service, or an emerging threat.

How Intruder compares to Qualys

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Easy to use
Simple to set up, use and maintain.
Powerful yet simple vulnerability management
Vulnerability management all in one intuitive platform.
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Best-in-class customer support
G2 users much preferred Intruder to Qualys on support.
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Transparent pricing
Pay for what you need with our smart pricing.

Simple yet powerful

Intruder is a simple yet powerful Qualys alternative. It’s easy to set up, use and maintain. When comparing Qualys alternatives, G2 reviewers found Intruder easier to use, set up, and administer. See for yourself how easy Intruder is to use, with a 14-day free trial.

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Vulnerability management, without the clutter.

Qualys has a huge range of features and while this is great for large organizations, it can be difficult for resource-strapped teams.

Intruder has extensive vulnerability management capabilities, but we cut out the noise. Powered by robust scanning engines, teams can detect new vulnerabilities, prioritize them by severity and work on remediating them from one place.

Get set up and start scanning in ten minutes.

Superior customer support

When comparing customer support, reviewers on G2 much preferred Intruder to Qualys. It means a lot to our customers knowing that we're there whenever they need us and it’s one of the many things that makes us stand out.

Transparent pricing

In contrast to Qualys pricing, Intruder offers monthly subscription plans without an annual commitment and is perfect for teams who value transparent, flexible pricing.

With Intruder’s Smart Recon, you only pay for what you scan. Feel safe knowing your digital estate is safe, without the massive cost associated with complex products like Qualys.

Rated 4.9/5 on G2
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What checks does Intruder perform?
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Intruder checks your systems for 75+ web-layer security problems (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), 140,000+ infrastructure weaknesses (such as remote code execution flaws), and other security misconfigurations (such as weak encryption configurations, and systems which are unnecessarily exposed). Learn more about what checks we run.

How do emerging threat scans work?
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Intruder’s emerging threat scans check your systems for newly discovered vulnerabilities automatically. This kind of proactive action is essential for businesses that don’t have processes in place to research the latest threats and manually run scans for them. Learn more.

How does Intruder’s continuous penetration testing service work?
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Our team of experienced penetration testers will seek to identify serious weaknesses in your external targets that are undetectable by scanners. Continuous penetration testing is a bolt-on service available to Premium users and is sold and booked by the day. Click here to learn more.

What scanning engine does Intruder use?
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Intruder is powered by industry-leading scanners, including Tenable, Nuclei, OpenVas, and ZAP. Learn more.

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