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Intruder helps education software provider save developer time and improve software security

Software developers are Increasingly becoming responsible for managing cyber security, and recently practices like DevSecOps have gained in popularity within organisations as a result. Bridging the skills gap between development and security can be a difficult undertaking. This is further hampered by security tooling which presents issues in complex terms that non-experts may struggle to decipher.

In this case study, we will examine how Intruder is helping an education software provider to improve cyber security whilst saving their developers hours of manual work.




Our client is a medium-sized software company that operates in the education sector. They rely on their development team to manage the security of their servers and configurations. Before adopting the Intruder solution, the developers were reliant upon news sources to discover security threats, and the remediation had to be manually investigated before being applied to the servers. The process was labour intensive and diverted the already busy team of software developers from productive tasks. The client required a solution that could assist in automating their existing processes and strengthen their overall product security.  

Automating vulnerability discovery

After trialling the Intruder solution, the client quickly realised they could significantly benefit from using the Emerging Threat Scan feature. Today, this feature benefits the client by delivering 24/7 automatic scanning of their systems whenever a new threat is discovered. Vulnerability investigations and remediation is now automated removing the need for manual intervention from the developers. In addition, by using Intruder’s REST API, our client was able to integrate vulnerability scanning with their internal services and save even more time.

Making cyber security effortless for the Dev team

Intruder’s intuitive interface makes vulnerability management easy for non-security experts which made it an ideal solution for our client’s development team. They also benefit from receiving automated emails with actionable remediation advice, which makes it extremely easy to implement required fixes.

“Intruder has measurably saved our developers time. They receive automated emails with detailed remediation steps for the actions they need to take which has improved the security of our products.”

Delivering greater clarity and insight with easy to understand reports

With Intruder’s easy to use vulnerability scanner, our client has achieved improved product security with minimal effort. The scan results are presented in a user-friendly and jargon free manner which ensures they are easy to understand by developers and executives alike. In addition, our client uses Intruder’s high-quality reports to present vulnerability status to the board, demonstrating that product security is being effectively managed.

Example of Intruder's report, which also includes a summary of the checks that were carried out

Our client is delighted with the Intruder Pro Plan remarking:

“I would highly recommend Intruder for the ease of use and simplified interface. I find the reports presented in a user-friendly manner which delivers the information in a format easily understood by developers and executives alike.”

With their external infrastructure covered, our client is now seeking to add another layer of security to their internal and non-publicly accessible servers. They are planning to try Intruder’s recently introduced internal scanning capability to advance their cyber protection to the next level, and we’re excited to be with them on that journey.

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