Visibility that drives attack surface reduction

Become harder to attack tomorrow. Intruder continuously monitors your attack surface helping you understand how attackers see your organization, where they are likely to break in, and how you can identify, prioritize and eliminate risk.

Take control of
your attack surface

Find what you have, so you can protect it.

Integrate your cloud accounts and set them up to sync automatically so they'll get scanned every 2 hours. Find all the subdomains associated to your targets and know if they need to be scanned. Stay on top of any new services exposed to the internet, especially the ones that shouldn't be, with daily network scans.

Visibility that protects your attack surface

Continuous network scanning monitors your perimeter for changes giving you 24/7 visibility. Newly found services are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities. Monitor all the changes, and possible issues, in your attack surface in one searchable, intuitive place.

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Know what’s exposed. Fix what matters.

Intruder combines leading scanning engines Nuclei, Tenable and more, so you can be confident all the vulnerabilities and exposures across your attack surface are found. Automated proactive and reactive scanning keeps your perimeter secure even when the threat landscape changes. Get results prioritized by context so you can fix what matters most.

A guardian for your cloud accounts

For businesses with everything in the cloud, or those spinning up VMs and containers regularly, it is challenging to keep on top of all your systems that could be exposed to the internet.

Intruder gives you complete visibility of your cloud assets in one place, helping you maintain compliance across your whole estate effortlessly.

What is exposure management and how does it differ from ASM?

Intruder's VP of Product, Andy Hornegold, explores exposure management, how it differs from ASM, and why it's becoming essential to organizations' security programs.

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