Intruder is a great Invicti alternative

For organizations that need to scan their entire attack surface and not just web applications, Intruder is a great alternative to Invicti.

Monitor your entire attack surface

Intruder is focused on monitoring an entire attack surface (external, internal, web app, API), dynamically scanning in response to changes within your systems or when the external threat landscape changes to help improve security posture over time. Invicti (formerly Netsparker) is focused on web app security and integrating it easily into the DevOps process.

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Compliance, simplified.

Streamline compliance with
audit-ready reports and integrations.

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Vulnerability management

Scan your infrastructure, web apps and APIs in one product.

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Reduce your attack surface

Automate scans for when your attack surface or the threat landscape changes.

How Intruder compares to Invicti

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Complete visibility of your attack surface
Get the full picture of your attack surface.
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Robust, commercial scanning
Manage your scanning & issue fixing from one platform.
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Cloud integrations
With Intruder you get more than just AppSec integrations.
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Integrations for compliance automation
Automate your compliance efforts.
Everything you need, for less than Invicti
Get vulnerability management, for much less.
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Easy to set up, use and maintain
Top ranked tool on G2 for ease of setup, use, and admin.
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Higher ranked customer support
On customer support, Intruder is ranked higher than Invicti.

No two attack surfaces are the same

Every attack surface is unique. Intruder gives you a real view of your entire attack surface by combining continuous network monitoring, automated vulnerability scanning, and proactive threat response in one single platform.

Invicti is an application security testing platform that focuses on DAST and IAST.

Don’t stop at just your web apps. Get complete protection from hackers, across your entire perimeter.

web app security

Advanced scanning

Invicti focus on web application scanning and they do a good job as a DAST and IAST scanning platform.

Intruder performs DAST scanning, along with API and infrastructure scanning. This means that with Intruder you can extend your scan coverage, finding and fixing more vulnerabilities in the process.

Automated compliance

Invicti can be used for compliance, but they don’t have automated integrations with compliance providers like Drata and Vanta. Intruder does, and our list of compliance partners is always growing.

Automate your compliance without needing to click a button.

Intruder vs Invicti pricing

Our Pro plan (what you get on your free trial) starts at $169 per month, giving you everything you need to start scanning and feel secure.

The easiest to use

Intruder is easy to set up, use and maintain.  On G2, we’re rated 9.6/10 on ease of set up, ease of use, and ease of admin. Invicti is ranked lower in each of these categories.

See how easy Intruder is with a 14-day free trial.

Integrate with your cloud environment

Invicti has a significant amount of integrations for things like issue tracking and project management.

Like Invicti, we also integrate with ticketing and notifications. Where Intruder differs is that we also integrate closely with your cloud environment and automatically kick-off scans when new instances are discovered or spun up.

Check out our full list of integrations.

Higher ranked customer support

We are rated 9.8/10 on quality of customer support on G2, which is higher than Invicti. See for yourself why customers love Intruder.

Rated 4.9/5 on G2
See how we compare
What checks does Intruder perform?
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Intruder checks your systems for 75+ web-layer security problems (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), 140,000+ infrastructure weaknesses (such as remote code execution flaws), and other security misconfigurations (such as weak encryption configurations, and systems which are unnecessarily exposed). Learn more about what checks we run.

How do emerging threat scans work?
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Intruder’s emerging threat scans check your systems for newly discovered vulnerabilities automatically. This kind of proactive action is essential for businesses that don’t have processes in place to research the latest threats and manually run scans for them. Learn more.

How does Intruder’s continuous penetration testing service work?
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Our team of experienced penetration testers will seek to identify serious weaknesses in your external targets that are undetectable by scanners. Continuous penetration testing is a bolt-on service available to Premium users and is sold and booked by the day. Click here to learn more.

What scanning engine does Intruder use?
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Intruder is powered by industry-leading scanners, including Tenable, Nuclei, OpenVas, and ZAP. Learn more.

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