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Full coverage API security

Knowing where your APIs are, and understanding how attackers can exploit them, is more important than ever. Regular vulnerability scanning helps to secure your APIs by identifying weaknesses so you can fix them before they're exploited.

What is API vulnerability scanning?

API vulnerability scanning is an automated approach to finding security weaknesses in APIs or the web service your application connects to.

An API scanner simulates the activities of a remote attacker to identify vulnerabilities such as information disclosure, injection issues, broken authentication, misconfigurations, and more. API scanning can also look for vulnerabilities behind logins if credentials are provided.

Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities on a continuous basis is essential for preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data.

How to scan your APIs with Intruder

Intruder's dynamic application security testing (DAST) scanner scales API vulnerability scanning to meet the needs of your growing business.


Sign up for an account

Once your account is activated, you can start scanning your systems.


Add your targets

Upload your API schema, then kick off a scan of the schema and it’s underlying infrastructure.


Get the results

Review vulnerabilities prioritized by severity, send tickets and issues directly to your teams.

See how easy API vulnerability scanning can be

Complete coverage through informed scanning

Upload your OpenAPI/Swagger API schema to get complete coverage of your API endpoints, whether they’re open or protected behind a login​. Intruder’s API scanner checks for common vulnerabilities as well as weaknesses in custom software, including zero days.

add api schema

Save time with automated API security testing

Recurring scans at flexible intervals. Proactive threat response automatically checks your APIs for emerging threats. Intelligent prioritization of results with remediation advice so you can fix what matters.

Integrate into your DevOps process for security while you build

Use Intruder's API to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline and automatically find weaknesses earlier in the development lifecycle​. Receive comprehensive reports to demonstrate security to stakeholders and/or customers​.

Gotta catch 'em all

Automated scanning can help you identify most issues in your web apps and APIs, but manual testing helps to close any additional gaps.

With Intruder's continuous penetration testing service, our experienced penetration testers check your systems for critical vulnerabilities, including ones that are not detectable by automated scanners.

Secure your applications with Intruder’s API scanner

Want to learn more about API security, why it's important, and understand if you're following the necessary steps to protect your organization? Read our guide to API security to answer these questions.

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What is API security?
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API security refers to the processes required to protect APIs from cyber attacks. This typically includes the use of an API scanner to detect weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

How does Intruder scan APIs?
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Intruder's API scanner conducts authenticated or unauthenticated vulnerability scans for APIs with 1:1 mapping using the OpenAPI or Swagger protocols. Simply upload your OpenAPI/Swagger schema to start running automated API security scans.

Which plan do I need to scan APIs?
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To start scanning your APIs you need an Application License, which is available across all our plans (Essential, Pro, Premium, and Vanguard). As well as API security scanning, this license covers web applications (including authenticated areas).

Why is API security testing important?
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API security testing is essential for preventing service disruption and lost business, in addition they can be a goldmine for customer data. Without a robust API security solution, they can lead to devastating data breaches. For example, an insecure API resulted in a breach for Australian telco Optus; the details of 11 million customers were accessed by attackers.

How do I best secure APIs?
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One of the best ways to secure APIs is by using an API scanning tool to check for vulnerabilities. Here are four more API security best practices:

  • Use tokens
  • Use encryption and signatures
  • Use quotas and throttling
  • Use an API gateway
What is an API endpoint?
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An API endpoint is the final touchpoint in an API communication system; typically a URL. Protecting these endpoints with an API security solution is essential, because they make the entire API system vulnerable to attack.

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