Intruder Vulnerability Bulletin — Dirty COW Privilege Escalation
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Intruder Vulnerability Bulletin — Dirty COW Privilege Escalation

David Robinson

You may have heard of a new Linux vulnerability named “Dirty COW” in the news today.

This vulnerability affects most versions of the Linux operating system, and if successfully exploited, allows an attacker who has already gained access to the underlying operating system to elevate their privileges to the “root” administrative level.

It is important to note that in order for an attack to be successful, the attacker must have already gained access to an affected system (eg. by exploiting another existing vulnerability), which would be considered a critical weakness in its own right (they would likely already have complete control of your system).

Even if you’re not using Intruder’s continuous monitoring service yet, this vulnerability isn’t something to get in a panic about, and we recommend patching any affected systems across your estate as part of your normal patching process.

Further details of this vulnerability can be found at:

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David Robinson

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