Refer Intruder. Give $150. Get $150.

Good friends don’t let each other stay exposed. Refer your friends to Intruder today and you both receive $150 after they sign up.

How to refer your friends to Intruder

We’ve made sharing Intruder with your network as easy as possible,
just like using our platform.


Invite friends

Create your unique referral link here and recommend Intruder to your network - friends, partners, customers and more.


Give $150

Newly referred customers will receive their $150 reward instantly when they create a paid Intruder account.


Be rewarded

Collect your $150 reward when any of your referred friends pass the 90-day customer mark. We’ll keep you posted along the way.

Helping others never felt this good

Invite your friends, partners and customers to level up their vulnerability management with Intruder. You both get rewarded with $150 when they become a paying customer. Just generate and share your unique referral link to get started.

Give $150 and so much more

Every friend, partner or customer who uses your referral link will reap the rewards instantly. They can get set up and start scanning their attack surface for vulnerabilities in minutes with our free trial. And, they’ll receive a $150 gift card the moment they become an Intruder customer.

Security that pays

Receive a $150 reward, in the gift card of your choosing, once your referral reaches their 90-day Intruder milestone. You'll have confidence in your extended network having a secure attack surface - just like you - and be rewarded for every new customer you've helped.

circuit scheme

Know what’s exposed. Fix what matters.

Are you using all the functionality in the platform?

Here’s a reminder of how Intruder keeps track of your attack surface, showing where and how your company may be vulnerable, prioritizing issues and filtering noise so you can fix the problems that matter most.

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Automated cloud security

See what's live in your cloud systems and automate vulnerability scans when anything changes.

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Web application and API scanning

Find and fix vulnerabilities in both authenticated and unauthenticated Web Apps and APIs.

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Continuous penetration testing

Close the gap between automated scanning and annual, point-in-time penetration testing for a continuous approach.

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Network monitoring

Monitor your perimeter and scan for vulnerabilities as things change with over 140,000 infrastructure checks.

Intruder helps thousands of companies worldwide

How long does it take to claim my reward?
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We strive to issue you your reward within a few hours of activation, but it can take up to 48 hours to be issued. But don't worry, if it takes longer than this, just reach out to us via the chatbox in-portal or at and we'll issue your reward as soon as we can.

How does this program work?
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In a nutshell, it works like this:

  • You, an Intruder customer, refer a friend to Intruder.
  • Your friend signs up for a 14-day free trial.
  • If they find Intruder useful, and sign up to one of our paid plans, they'll receive their $150 gift card.
  • Once your friend stays with Intruder for 90 days, you'll receive your $150 gift card.

This is high-level explanation of the program, for more details on how it works exactly, check out this explainer page.

Where can I access my referral link?
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You can access your referral link here. You can also use this link to track the amount of people you've referred.

Can I see how many people I have referred?
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Yes. You can access how many friends you've referred here. Additionally, each time a friend you've referred signs up to an Intruder paid plan, you'll be notified by email. In that email, you'll also be able access the link above and track how many friends you've referred to Intruder.

How much is the reward?
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The reward for both you and your friend is a $150 (USD) gift card. This can be claimed in the currency of your choice, but will equate to the value of $150. For example, if you're claiming your reward in pounds sterling (£), it will be $150 converted from $USD to pounds sterling (£).

Is there a limit to the amount of friends I can refer to Intruder? Does the reward stay the same?
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There's no limit to the amount of friends you can refer to Intruder, and the reward doesn't change. For example, if you refer 10 friends, you'll earn $1500.

How do I claim my reward?
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We work with Tremendous, who allow you to choose from over 1800 gift cards, in 39 countries, in the currency of your choice.

What currency is my reward in?
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We issue all rewards in $USD via Tremendous, so that we can be totally transparent and fair with all our customers. Don't worry if you're in a region that doesn't use $USD. When you're choosing your gift card, it will be automatically converted to the currency of your choice.

As an Intruder customer who has referred my friend, how do I claim my reward?
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When you share a referral link with your friend(s), they'll be brought to the free trial page. Once they sign up on one of our paid plans, they'll immediately get their reward. Once your friend has been an Intruder customer for 90 days, you'll be issued your reward.

As someone who has been referred to Intruder by a friend, how do I claim my reward?
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Once you sign up to one of our paid plans, you'll receive an email prompting you to claim your $150 gift card. You'll then be brought to an online catalogue, where you can claim the gift card of your choosing.

Do I get my reward when I sign up for a free trial?
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You don't get a reward for signing up for a free trial (other than all of our awesome pro features, totally free for 14 days). You have to sign up to one of our paid plans in order to get a gift card.

Will you notify me when I am eligible to claim my reward?
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Yes, you will be notified by email. If for some reason you haven't received an email and you are due a reward, just reach out to us via the chatbox in-portal or by emailing

Can I make a suggestion?
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Of course, As we're always looking to improving Intruder, please feel free to chat to us if you've got any suggestions on how you think we might improve our referral program.

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