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Protect your systems with AWS vulnerability scanning 

Cloud platforms are prone to security breaches due to the sheer amount of confidential information they store. Intruder’s AWS vulnerability scanning enables you to identify and address vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure with ease.

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning and attack surface reduction
  • Automate the discovery and scanning of new cloud targets and optimize spend
  • Authenticated and unauthenticated scanning for web apps and APIs
  • Actionable results for effective prioritization 

An all-round security scanner for your systems​

Intruder makes vulnerability management effortless by offering comprehensive protection for your entire tech stack. Running checks on API endpoints, web applications, and underlying infrastructure, it ensures that no important vulnerability is overlooked.​​

How does Intruder’s AWS vulnerability scanner work?

Intruder’s AWS vulnerability scanner enables you to continuously monitor your EC2 Elastic IP addresses or Amazon Route 53 hostnames for security weaknesses.

Gain complete visibility into your AWS infrastructure

  • Intruder provides a unified view of all your external services, clearly showing you if they are exposed to the internet or not
  • Emerging Threat Scans proactively check your systems for new vulnerabilities
  • For premium customers, when your network scan picks up a new service it automatically kicks off a vulnerability scan

Save time and optimize spend with CloudBot

  • CloudBot automatically adds any new external IP addresses or hostnames as Intruder targets
  • Set filters to ensure only desired AWS targets are imported, making best use of your budget
  • CloudBot enhances cross-team visibility, minimizing disruptions to DevOps teams

Streamline your vulnerability management processes

  • Manage targets easily with tag management - create new tags or import them from AWS
  • Unlimited scheduled or ad hoc scanning​
  • Integrate with your stack to make teamwork easy – Slack, Jira, Github and more

Reduce risk with comprehensive web application & API scanning

  • Run scans on the authenticated and unauthenticated web apps and APIs hosted in your AWS environment, for security inside and out
  • Our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner uncovers known and unknown vulnerabilities in custom or off the shelf software
  • Integrate Intruder with your CI/CD pipeline to automatically find weaknesses earlier in the development lifecycle

Gain greater context and prioritize with ease 

  • Issues include explanations of why they could lead to a breach, making it easier to focus on the true risks to your AWS environment
  • Comprehensive reports to demonstrate security to stakeholders and customers​
  • Your dashboard provides a snapshot of your security posture in one place, highlighting threats, issues, cyber hygiene, general activity and more

What our customers say

Intruder's Cloudbot is a game changer for any organisation with a complex cloud environment. As a CISO, I have found the automated scanning and notification features invaluable. The cost-saving benefits are also significant, as we have eliminated unnecessary instances and optimised our cloud spend.

Chris Spencer (D.Sc)

Group Chief Information Officer for
Globalreach, Nomadix & interTouch

I really like how Intruder integrated with our internal company comms (ie Slack), this meant we stayed on top of the notifications it produced. Time is critical when it comes to security vulns so it’s helpful to have messages from Intruder next to our daily workflows.

Will Lewis

Senior Engineering Manager,

Not only does Intruder save me time and money, but it helps us close deals. Some customers are now requiring regular network scans in order to do business with SaaS companies. By utilizing Intruder we're able to meet client demand and ensure we're doing the right thing to keep our customer trust.

Justin Unton

Head of Information Security at Litmus

Auto-discovery, a very proactive set of scans against emerging threats and solid notifications. Intruder is a tool I can forget about unless I need to. Rock solid UX.

James Ramirez


Frequently asked questions

How do I connect Intruder to my AWS account?

You can connect your Intruder account in two ways: by creating an IAM role for Intruder (AWS AssumeRole functionality), or by adding a new IAM user and entering the access keys. For the full steps, click here.

How does Intruder’s CloudBot work?

CloudBot automatically adds any new external IP addresses or hostnames in cloud accounts as Intruder targets – so you don't have to. You can also enable these new targets to be scanned automatically as soon as they are added.

What underlying scanner does Intruder use?  

Intruder uses industry-leading scanning engines, each running thousands of thorough security checks. Read more about it in our help article.  

Do you offer AWS penetration testing services?  

Yes, we do! As well as cloud vulnerability scanning, we have a team of certified security professionals who can perform continuous penetration testing of your AWS systems, helping you identify critical issues faster. 

How do I know if I am choosing the right vulnerability scanner?  

Firstly, if the vulnerability scanner that you’re considering offers a free trial, we recommend scanning a known vulnerable system (e.g. testphp.vulnweb.com) to see the spectrum of results that the scanner comes back with and quality of the checks. Of course, there are other important areas to consider when choosing the right scanner for AWS, such as the scanner’s reporting capabilities and features. Learn more in our guide to vulnerability scanning.  

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