Uncover weaknesses in your system at any time of day

A new vulnerability can emerge at any time and you can guarantee that a hacker won’t be far behind to exploit it. Intruder’s cybersecurity monitoring software will ensure you’re aware of weaknesses as soon as they’re discovered so you can stay one step ahead of the hacker.
Maintain a clear view of your systems
Run checks 24/7
Take immediate action on new threats

Continuous monitoring of your cyber security

Intruder proactively scans your systems and automatically alerts you as and when new vulnerabilities are discovered, saving you the effort of running manual scans and crucial time in preventing an attack.

Cybersecurity monitoring of the cloud

With Intruder you can monitor your cloud systems for changes, discover new assets, and automatically synchronize your IPs or hostnames with our cloud integrations. This goes a long way in preventing your sensitive data from becoming inadvertently exposed.

Monitoring tailored to your perimeter systems

Ensure any vulnerabilities on your perimeter - the area which is most accessible to cyber attackers -  are identified and remediated as soon as possible. We’ll cut through the noise in your scanning data to provide you with perimeter-specific results and equip you with the best information to understand your exposures, and limit them.

Cybersecurity monitoring for compliance

Gain the evidence you need to comfortably pass your industry’s security compliance certifications and standards, with Intruder’s comprehensive vulnerability scanning and penetration test reporting, as well as our Cyber Hygiene Scoring system.

Network monitoring

Keep track of changes across all of your internet-facing systems, such as recently opened ports and services, or unexpected downtime, and detect deployments you may not have been aware of with Intruder’s Network View.  Gain a hacker’s perspective of your systems, to identify the biggest risks and take action before they do.

Robust security checks for your critical systems

Get the same level of protection as large enterprises and governments worldwide. Intruder uses leading technology to make the highest quality cyber security accessible to everyone.

Rapid response to emerging threats

When new vulnerabilities are discovered, Intruder proactively scans your systems and automatically alerts you, so you don’t need to manually scan your systems.

Continuous monitoring of your external perimeter

Find out what you expose to the Internet and receive notifications about important changes, such as when open ports and services change, which, if unnoticed, could lead to unnecessary risk.

Perfect visibility of your cloud systems

Prevent your sensitive data from becoming inadvertently exposed. Monitor your cloud systems for changes, discover new assets, and automatically synchronise your scan targets through the use of our cloud integrations.

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