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Security compliance automation

Let’s face it, no one enjoys preparing for audits. Intruder’s integration with Vanta makes it quick and easy to provide evidence of your vulnerability scans and meet compliance requirements.

  • Simple to set up
  • Automate compliance reporting
  • Send scan evidence directly from Intruder

Effortless reporting and compliance

Intruder makes it easy to achieve and maintain security accreditations. Schedule regular scans, continuously discover and monitor changes to your IT assets, and improve your compliance processes by tracking remediation.

Set up our Vanta integration in minutes

Connecting Intruder to Vanta is simple - all you need to do is head over to Intruder's integrations page, select ‘add’ on Vanta and follow the steps to provide Intruder access.

Intruder + Vanta

Easily meet compliance requirements

Intruder puts scan evidence at your fingertips and automatically populates a template available in Vanta, making it quick and easy to ensure you’re audit-ready.

Save time with one-click compliance

Our Vanta integration enables you to send evidence of vulnerability scanning directly from the Intruder platform, in just one-click – no tedious downloading or uploading required.

How can vulnerability scanning help with SOC 2 compliance?

SOC 2 compliance is now an essential requirement when working with any SaaS provider.

Simplify SOC 2 with our essential guide.

Web App Vulnerability Management

A Guide to SOC 2 Compliance

What our customers say

Drata is a proud partner with Intruder as a tool of choice helping hundreds of companies automate their continuous SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance.

Ashley Hyman

Director of Customer Success at Drata

I really like how Intruder integrated with our internal company comms (ie Slack), this meant we stayed on top of the notifications it produced. Time is critical when it comes to security vulns so it’s helpful to have messages from Intruder next to our daily workflows.

Will Lewis

Senior Engineering Manager,

Not only does Intruder save me time and money, but it helps us close deals. Some customers are now requiring regular network scans in order to do business with SaaS companies. By utilizing Intruder we're able to meet client demand and ensure we're doing the right thing to keep our customer trust.

Justin Unton

Head of Information Security at Litmus

Auto-discovery, a very proactive set of scans against emerging threats and solid notifications. Intruder is a tool I can forget about unless I need to. Rock solid UX.

James Ramirez


Frequently asked questions

How do you setup the Vanta integration?

Simply head to the Integrations page in Intruder, select Vanta, log into your Vanta account and click ‘Allow’ when prompted to authorize the app.

Which plans have access to the Vanta integration?

The Vanta integration is available to admin users on Pro, Premium, and Vanguard plans.

How do you send evidence of your scans to Vanta?

Choose the scan you wish to send to Vanta, and click ‘Send To Vanta’. It's that simple!

Are Intruder’s reports compliant for Vanta?

Yes! When you integrate Intruder with Vanta, Intruder automatically populates Vanta reports for you. So you can rest assured that the information required by Vanta will be provided in the right format.

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