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Find and fix vulnerabilities with network vulnerability scanning. Proactive protection from emerging threats. Automated to save you time.

Scan your network for vulnerabilities without the complexity

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, many of which are in technologies that are exposed to the internet. Intruder’s network vulnerability scanner finds security weaknesses in your systems and proactively protects your network from emerging, critical threats.

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What is network vulnerability scanning?

A network vulnerability scanner is a tool that identifies security issues or weaknesses in external-facing systems, also known as your perimeter. This includes web applications, ports, and any assets reachable from the internet.

Network vulnerability scanning emulates the actions of a remote attacker to detect vulnerabilities, including missing patches, misconfigurations, information leakage, unintentionally exposed systems, remotely vulnerable software, and encryption weaknesses.

Carrying out network vulnerability scanning provides teams with continuous awareness how their perimeter might be vulnerable, which is vital for proactively preventing security breaches.

How to scan your network with Intruder


Add your targets

Add your targets by URL, IP or integrate your cloud accounts. Schedule a network vulnerability scan in a few clicks.


Review your results

Assess issues prioritized by business context. Send tickets directly to your team for remediation within hours of your scan.


Verify your fixes

Quickly rescan specific issues to check if your fixes worked. Set up automated scans for continuous network security.

See how easy network vulnerability scanning can be

Save time with automated network vulnerability scanning

Run recurring scans at flexible intervals to find security weaknesses such as injection flaws, security misconfigurations, and more. Intruder automatically discovers and scans new assets deployed in your cloud accounts.

automated scanning

Proactive protection from emerging threats

Intruder proactively scans your network for new vulnerabilities. Rapid response automatically checks for the latest issues being exploited in the wild before automated scanners can.

Remediate the issues that put your network most at risk

Intruder filters out noise and intelligently prioritizes your results. Receive remediation advice, improve your cyber hygiene, and track how long it takes to fix issues.

Close the door on hackers

Your network is constantly changing and keeping on top of what is and isn't exposed to the internet, as well as what is exposed and shouldn't be, is like a full-time job.

External network monitoring with Intruder gives you continuous visibility of your perimeter and puts you in control of your attack surface.

How often should you scan?

The time between a vulnerability being discovered and hackers exploiting it is narrower than ever – just 12 days. We explain why continuous vulnerability scanning has become essential and how you can best implement it.

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What is network vulnerability scanning?
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As the name suggests, network scanning tools look for security flaws across your network. They do this by sending probes, initially looking for open ports and services, and then once the list of available services is discovered, they look for more information, such as configuration weaknesses or known vulnerabilities. 

What does a network scanner check for?
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The range of vulnerabilities that can be discovered by a network vulnerability scan is vast, but commonly include: services configured with encryption weaknesses, unpatched software with known vulnerabilities, or services which shouldn't be exposed at all. Learn more about our checks here.

How does Smart Recon work?
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For those companies lucky enough to own a network range all to themselves, they know this is useful, but can be hard to manage. You want to make sure your whole range is being covered, but licensing vast numbers of inactive IPs can be expensive. Intruder’s Smart Recon allows you to monitor your external network ranges for active IPs, and only pay for those in use. Learn more.  

Can I do internal network security scanning using Intruder?
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Yes, you can! Our internal network security scanner is agent-based, which means you will need to install a piece of software on each Windows, Linux or MacOS device that you wish to scan. Read more about our internal scanner in this help article. 

Can I scan internal network devices like printers, routers, and switches?
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No, because Intruder’s internal vulnerability scanner is agent-based. Read our article to find out why we think agent-based scanning is the best approach for many organizations. 

How do emerging threat scans work?
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To give you peace of mind and save time monitoring the news for security threats, we run proactive vulnerability scans on your systems. This means that as soon as we identify a new threat that could critically affect your systems, we'll proactively start scanning your targets to ensure you are not vulnerable. Learn more. 

What are the different types of vulnerability scanners?
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The main types of vulnerability scanners are: network-based vulnerability scanners, agent-based vulnerability scanners, and web application vulnerability scanners. Each type performs different security tasks, and covers a range of different attack scenarios. Therefore, it’s worth considering the risks relative to your business in order to choose the type of scanner most suitable for your needs. If you want to find out more about choosing the right scanner type, we have created a helpful guide for that. 

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