Intruder was created in 2015 to develop a vulnerability scanning service fit for modern networks and cloud platforms. It has since been awarded as a Top Performer by G2 for being the easiest to use online vulnerability scanning service, and is trusted by hundreds of companies all over the world.

A replacement for expensive managed security services

Traditional vulnerability scanning services are excellent at detecting scores of weaknesses and information about your systems, but this leads to a second problem: deciphering it all, and sifting through the noise. Traditional services are also tricky to configure and time-intensive to maintain, turning many customers to expensive managed security services.

Intruder is designed to do the job of a managed service for you. It’s so simple to use and set up, and the reports are easy to understand. So you don’t need to pay a consultant to translate complicated issues for you.

The benefits of managed vulnerability scanning, for the price of software

Intruder offers proactive checks for emerging threats. That means whenever a new vulnerability is discovered, Intruder proactively scans your systems and alerts you to affected systems automatically. This kind of proactive action is essential for businesses that don’t have processes in place to research the latest threats and manually run scans for them, but replaces the need for an expensive managed security service.

Intruder also keeps you informed as to what systems you have exposed to the internet, and automatically adjusts license usage to match. Our Smart Recon feature keeps a constant eye on your internet-facing systems, runs port scans looking for active services, and only uses licenses where you need to. This saves you time and money outsourcing reconnaissance scans to a third party.

Weed out false positives, and identify your scanner blind spots 

For companies with heightened sensitivity to cyber security, we also offer a “Vanguard” solution similar to a monthly rolling penetration test. It's continuous penetration testing to help you find what scanners can't. Our expert penetration testers will review your scan results to weed out false positives, and delve deeper into your results to see if any issues can be combined to cause greater impact.

Our Vanguard solution is most suitable for companies with large internet-facing digital estates where scan results can be overwhelming, where a breach could cause a huge impact, or those with a high number of false positives from traditional scanners.

Integrate Intruder easily with your other services

• Cloud integrations: Automatically manage your AWS, Azure and Google Cloud targets with ease, from within the Intruder platform.
• Slack: Keep an eye on your security exposure in real-time with Intruder’s Slack integration.
• Jira: Send security issues to Jira, for easy tracking of your security issues.
• Microsoft Teams: get notified about important events in the Intruder platform, such as when a scan completes or when we check you for the latest emerging threats.
• Zapier: Extend Intruder to 2,000+ other apps and move your info between web services automatically.
• REST API: Full automation of your vulnerability management process is possible with Intruder’s REST API, so you can integrate Intruder with your development and deployment cycles seamlessly.

What our customers say

"I have used multiple vulnerability scanning tools in the past. Most of them were single-purpose and had a lot of extraneous output that took a long time to configure to get what we needed. With Intruder, I got relevant, actionable results the very first time I scanned, and it's a one-stop shop. I don't have to set up a patchwork of different tools to get good coverage on vulnerability scanning." Read full review

Zach, Co-founder and CTO at Yembo.

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