What's new? Product updates from Intruder November 2023

Andy Hornegold
Andy Hornegold
VP of Product

Key Points

Intruder’s list of compliance partners grows, we've made it easier to verify your web app authentications, and launched a new analytics tab! Watch our video for the latest product updates:

Just released

Simplified authentication setup

We’ve simplified the process of verifying if an authentication for a web app has been set up correctly before kicking off a scan. If you add an authentication to a web app in Intruder, you’ll notice we’ve added a verification step where we test the login details you provide to make sure the authentication has been successful. 

This feature was widely requested across the Intruder customer base, and saves users a lot of time and effort, as you get immediate feedback on whether or not the set up has worked without having to do a scan first to find out.

Want to watch a video showing how the process works the end-to-end? Get the full details of the release here.

Introducing our newest compliance partner... Vanta!

We've partnered with Vanta, the compliance and security platform, to further automate vulnerability management compliance. Now, you can send evidence of vulnerability scanning from Intruder directly into Vanta without any heavy lifting. We've broken down how our newest integration works in detail here.

*Coming soon* You won’t even have to click a button, you’ll be able to set up your scans to automatically send evidence to Vanta or Drata!

Feature spotlight - Analytics

Analyse your cyber security posture over time with our new analytics tab. Here's a quick summary of what you can do with analytics:

  • Filter data by time, tag, or target
  • Prioritize issues by severity
  • Track open, new, and fixed issues - and see how long it takes to resolve them
  • Monitor your cyber hygiene score
  • Find new vulnerabilities as they emerge with Emerging threat scans (ETS)
  • Manage your attack surface as it expands or contracts

Curious about the kinds of metrics you can see in analytics? Read our vulnerability management metrics blog here.

Existing customers can check it out in-portal here. New to Intruder? See it for yourself on our free trial.

Or watch Andy, our VP of Product, talking about analytics below:

What’s next on the roadmap?

Enhanced vulnerability scanning with Nuclei

One of our core strengths at Intruder is continuous vulnerability scanning, and we're always on the lookout for powerful new scanners. 

That's why we're adding Nuclei scanner. Nuclei is a fast, customizable vulnerability scanner designed to probe modern applications, infrastructure, cloud platforms and networks. 

Tenable and Nuclei will be working side-by-side to make sure you’re getting as much attack surface coverage as possible. But don’t worry, Intruder will still filter out the noise so that you can work on what matters to you most.

Support for Single Page Application Scanning

You've asked and we listened! The ability to effectively scan Single Page Applications (SPAs) has been a long requested feature, and you will soon have it! With this release, you'll be able to:

  • Record your login process as you would normally within your browser, simplifying the verification process even further.
  • Scan more than just traditional, multi-page applications - scan for vulnerabilities within your single page apps too.

Latest product tour and Q&A available on-demand

You can also watch our recent Office Hours: Product Tour and Q&A session that walks new users through the most important features available in the platform. Discover: 

  • Key features and how to get set up correctly to start scanning.
  • Tips and tricks to be as secure as possible.
  • 1:1 Q&A with Support.

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