Intruder Vanguard // Find what scanners can't with continuous penetration testing

Uncover your high-risk vulnerabilities continuously with a hybrid vulnerability management service led by some of the world’s leading security professionals.

Greater coverage with leading expertise
Reduced time-to-fix
Accurate and in context
Continuous peace of mind

How can Intruder Vanguard help your business?

Close the gap between automated scanning and point in time penetration testing. Augment your team with our skilled security professionals to identify, analyze, and remediate critical vulnerabilities faster.

Dedicated expert security team

Free up resources and gain a complete view of your security posture with expert vulnerability detection. Let Intruder’s security professionals probe deeper, find more vulnerabilities, and provide advisories on their direct impact on your business.

Rapid response when every hour counts

Remediate critical threats faster. Swap a traditional penetration test for a continuous watch over your systems by our security professionals, who will react quickly to identify risk in your exposed systems when zero-day vulnerabilities surface.

Measure vulnerabilities and take action

Our security professionals are positioned to understand your unique environment. They will help you uncover unknown IT assets, analyze scan results, and adjust the severity rating of reported vulnerabilities to reflect the real threat.

Comprehensive vulnerability management made easy

Gain invaluable intelligence to reduce risk and advance your vulnerability management approach. Our hybrid service brings together our expert security team and an enterprise-grade vulnerability scanner that proactively checks your systems for new issues.

Security leaders across the world rely on Intruder Vanguard

Maybe 1 percent of businesses already have everything they need in-house. Intruder Vanguard is for the other 99 percent, the ones that need to augment teams with on-demand security talent and empower decision-makers with a real-world understanding of the risks associated with their external attack surfaces at any given moment.

Find what scanners can’t and close the gap today

Book a call with us today and learn more about how Intruder Vanguard supports security leaders and teams. Gain a full picture of your high-risk vulnerabilities with a hybrid vulnerability management solution.