Penetration testing is the process of simulating real cyber-attacks against your own systems in order to discover security holes that attackers can take advantage of. It’s a term which encompasses the many types of security testing that can be used to help protect against malicious actors wishing to compromise your systems or sensitive information. Some elements of the penetration testing process can and should be automated. Intruder’s automated penetration testing tool helps you beat the bad guys to it, by finding your security weaknesses before the hackers do.

‘Penetration Testing’ is a term which is often used to describe an annual or bi-annual process where a business performs security testing on their systems. However, modern attackers are automating their efforts, scanning the internet constantly for vulnerabilities to exploit, and businesses can no longer afford not to have their own automated penetration testing tools in place.

Intruder’s penetration testing tool checks your systems for vulnerabilities which include web-layer security problems (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), infrastructure weaknesses (such as remote code execution flaws), and other security misconfigurations (such as weak encryption configurations, and systems which are unnecessarily exposed).

Automated Penetration Testing Software

Manual penetration testing is a great way to take a snapshot of your security at a point in time, but what about new vulnerabilities which are discovered - or those which are introduced through development mistakes between tests?

In fact, around 50 new vulnerabilities are discovered every day, many of which are in technologies which sit on your perimeter systems – exposed to the internet. Modern attackers don’t wait to act and usually execute their attacks within weeks of new vulnerabilities being discovered. Meaning if you are only conducting penetration tests once a year, a significant gap is left.

Intruder’s automated pen testing platform allows you to eliminate threats to your business by running regular vulnerability scans that discover security holes in your most exposed systems automatically.

Online Penetration Testing

Intruder’s online penetration testing tool is a SaaS product which works seamlessly with your technical environment. Without any need for lengthy installations or complex configuration, it’s very easy to get set up. Testing your systems from an online pentesting tool simulates where real attacks would also be coming from – the internet.

What's more, Intruder’s penetration testing tool includes proactive checks for emerging threats. This means Intruder can detect new vulnerabilities in software deployed on your perimeter,– before you’re even aware that they exist. This kind of proactive action is essential for businesses that don’t have processes in place to research the latest threats and manually run scans for them. If you don’t have regular vulnerability scanning in place already, getting started with an automated online solution that gives you continuous coverage between manual tests is a no-brainer!
automated penetration test

A Quality Pentesting Tool

Intruder’s pen test tool uses the same underlying scanning engine as the big banks do, so you can enjoy high quality security checks, without the complexity.

It also curates its results to help you prioritise your security issues which will have a real impact, and uses noise reduction algorithms to store issues with no security impact in a separate panel, so you can focus on the issues that matter first.

Simple, Seamless & Effective Pen Test Tool

Scan results from other pen testing tools on the market can be challenging to say the least. Intruder’s issue descriptions are written in accessible language which focus on the real security impact of issues, and the types of real-world attacks that can arise from them. Its reporting system is accessible to less technical readers, whilst also maintaining all the technical detail required by the security professionals and developers that will be working on fixes for the security weaknesses it uncovers.
Effective Pen Test Tool

Go Beyond Automated Security Checks

Want to find weaknesses exceeding the capabilities of automated tools? Our Verified service combines automated security checks with manual reviews by experienced penetration testers.

Intruder’s Verified service includes manual verification by certified penetration testers, so you can get closer to an automated penetration test than ever.

Intruder's certified professionals will analyse your scan results, taking into account the business context of each vulnerability; reduce the number of false positives, and find dangerous vulnerabilities that are not apparent to automated scanners, such as when several issues are combined together. Find out more.

What our customers say

"We use Intruder for penetration testing - either via automated vulnerability scans or the more manual exploratory penetration test. The primary benefit is the peace of mind that it gives us and our partners that we have had some independent validation and on-going monitoring of our critical be-spoke application services." Read full review

Timothy, CTO at Aire


Is penetration testing the same as vulnerability scanning?

The term “penetration testing” typically represents a manual process by which a cyber security professional attempts to uncover weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. In contrast, vulnerability scanning is automated, which means that you can run periodic scans on your systems as often as you need to, in order to avoid being breached.  

It is also worth noting that vulnerability scanning is often the first step performed by penetration testers to determine the overall state of your systems before proceeding with more in-depth manual reviews. Read our blog to find out more about the differences.

Should I do manual or automated penetration testing?

To achieve a robust level of security, we recommend performing both manual and automated penetration testing (more commonly known as vulnerability scanning). The automated tools provide continuity of security and speed whereas humans excel at finding more complex vulnerabilities, so you will benefit from combining the two. Read our blog to find out more about the differences.

How long does a vulnerability scan take?

The vulnerability scans can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to complete, depending on your systems and their setups. Read our help article for more information.

What type of penetration testing should I perform?

There are many types of services on the market, such as network, web application, and automated penetration testing. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend reading this article to find out which one is right for you. Or contact us for support, we would be more than happy to help!

Does your vulnerability scanner include authenticated areas of a web app?

No, our our vulnerability scanner doesn’t include security checks behind the login, for the reasons described here. Our qualified security professionals can, however, perform such checks as part of a manual penetration test. If you’re interested in learning more, simply chat to one of our support people, who would be happy to help!

Do you offer manual penetration testing services?

In addition to fully automated scanning, we have a team of certified security professionals at Intruder who can perform manual penetration testing, or help you to manage your vulnerability scanning, and find complex issues beyond immediately available scan results, as part of our Verified service.

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